Best web based Private Security ERP solutions, Mobile app development and NBFC ERP Solutions with data base.

Best database websites and mobile app solutions from Diti Softwares in India.

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Diti Software has been developing customized ERP solutions and Mobile apps for various sectors / Industries. For more then a deacde Diti Software our customers have shown have shown trust in our work and backup services provided. We cater to the needs of various industries like Education, manufacturing, NBFC, security services, SCM and Logistics, Medicines, Warehousing, mining and minerals etc. Diti Software expertise in development of payroll system, LOS for NBFC, LMS for NBFC, Datebasse management system for transportation and logistics, ERP solutions for manufacturing companies resulting in enhanced productivity and ease of work.

"Diti software is among the most trusted software development companies in Jaipur with trusted customers."

Ceo founder - By Mr. Reetesh Awasthi
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Mobile Application

A perfect combination of quality, trending features, requirement specific implementation and on-time deployment, specified the mobile application services at Diti Software Solutions.

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Web Development

Diti Software has been into customized web development with focus on developing business profile for the companies through web based development resulting in strong market coverage and complete information to customers through websites.

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Payroll Softwares

Access your most important HR & payroll information right from your Pocket. Bilingual & intuitive mobile application for employees to view pay statements, time entry, leave requests, work schedules, policies,

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Security ERP

ERP Security is a wide range of measures aimed at protecting Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from illicit access ensuring accessibility and integrity of system data. ERP system is a computer software that serves to unify the information intended to manage the organization including Production,

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Facility ERP

A global leader in providing the best industry-specific software solutions to help people create their future. We design software solutions according to the business needs of Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Education, Healthcare.

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Web Design

High-Quality Work: We concentrate on developing user-friendly websites. For this, we create a contact form to give users a way to connect with your brand. We meet your expectations by developing quality content for the software products that we create to uplift your business to the next level.

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Design intuitive and elegant technology that solves a clear design problem and fits the needs of its intended user.


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Design intuitive and elegant technology that solves a clear design problem and fits the needs of its intended user.



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